Adress: ICLO - Verona - Italy
Istituto Stomatologico Toscano organizes different types of dental programs as Master. in orthdodontics, oral surgery & implantology, aesthetics & digital dentistry, laser in dentistry, endodontics for many years. The institution also organizes advanced Courses as ‘Cadaver Course in Implantology’.
Istituto Stomatologico Toscano founded in 1990 by Prof. Ugo Covani, is a non-profit foundation for clinic research and high education in dentistry. It organizes post graduate traning programs and refresher courses to dentists and dental hygenists as well as training for paramedics, using the wealth of experience almost 20 years of the courses, organized by many of the professionals working in the structure.
ICLO Teaching and Research Center, is dedicated to practical courses in anatomy and surgical technics on cadavers. The ICLO St. Francis facility offers surgeons, medical device manufacturers, researchers in the field of medicine, the ideal space and equipmet for improving and perfecting their practical and surgical experience. We will guide you step by step, about diagnosis, treatment and practices... We invite you to meet with this expert team who will answer all your questions... Program registrations will be accepted according to the order of application. Seats are limited. If the classes will be booked up before the last registration date, the acceptances will be closed.

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